Studying abroad in a foreign country is an amazing thing for students to be able to do. However, it’s always best practice to play it safe. We’ve got safety tips for study abroad students so that their time overseas is a good one!

Safety Tips for Study Abroad Students

Safety Tips While Studying Overseas

  1. Have a Copy of Your Passport – Our first safety tip is a general traveler’s tip! As a foreign national you will want a copy of your passport in case your passport is lost or stolen. This is how you are identified in your host country and for matters of identification it’s important you have this copy. This can also make the reissuing of identification easier at your embassy if need be.
  2. Listen to Your Program Managers – Listen to advice from faculty and staff about your local area. They know better than you do about the areas and neighborhoods of where you are studying. Ask questions and pay attention to answers about where is safe to go.
  3. Have a Map and Study It – Getting lost is easy when you first move to a new place. It’s even harder to get around while navigating or learning a foreign language. Take some time to study a map of your city so you can get to know your surroundings. Take note of important streets near your home and school. Keep a map with you in case you ever get lost.
  4. Know Key Phrases Regarding Travel – It’s good to know at least a couple phrases in the local language regarding directions and travel. This is a good way to make sure you can communicate with a local if you ever get lost.
  5. Stick with Your Group At First – While it’s always good to try to branch out, in the beginning of your program it is not a bad idea to stick with classmates or your group. Groups keep you safe and are also a good way to get to know your classmates when you first arrive. As your become more comfortable with your new environment it’s fine to do things on your own. But remember, safety first!

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience and an adventurous one. Prioritizing your safety while overseas should be just as important as learn morning, having fun, and making new friends. We hope our tips will help you make the most of your time overseas.

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