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LADO International Institute has been helping students around the world learn foreign languages for over 35 years. The intuitive three­‐step LADO “Total Approach Method” has helped successfully master language while also learning culture, informing foreign language learning with nuance and understanding.

Our Mission

LADO provides students with the skills they need to realize their dreams by offering high quality English Programs and materials, teacher training, testing, and language development inspired by Dr. Robert Lado’s achievements in applied linguistics. 

Our History

“How boring the world would be if there was only one flower, so how boring it would be if only one language…”
“Language is intimately tied to a man’s feeling and activity. It is bound up with nationality, religion, and the feeling of self…”

Some people can change the world…and that was what Dr. Robert Lado did! He changed the way the world learned English.

Dr. Lado was born in the United States but left the country before he began school. As a young adult, he returned and intensively studied English. This experience would inspire Dr. Lado’s life-long interest in the practical aspects of foreign language teaching.

He received his Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and his doctorate from the University of Michigan, where, in the same year, he became the Director of the English Language Institute.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Lado served as the first Dean of the School of Languages and Linguistics at Georgetown University. In 1977 he retired and opened his own language school, LADO International Institute.

Dr. LADO is the creator of the “Total Approach” methodology, one of the most effective methods to learn a language. For over 35 years, this approach has been successfully used to teach millions of students in more than 70 countries.

At LADO we treat you like family
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Our Staff

Margaret Lado Schepis

Margaret Lado Schepis

CEO / Dean of Academics

English, Spanish, and Portuguese

PhD in Applied Linguistics

What do you love most about LADO?
What I love most is our successful proprietary Total Approach method of teaching English. I also love the warm yet professional atmosphere in our schools and the dedication of our teachers and staff. We are a family.

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Celia Contreras

Celia Contreras

Admissions Officer/DSO

English and Spanish

Bachelor in Architecture

What do you love most about LADO?
Working in a diverse workplace with great people and interacting with students from different backgrounds is a very enriching experience. I enjoy the space I am given to be creative by transferring my skills in different areas of business. LADO makes me grow both personally and professionally.

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