How can study abroad students learn more and travel deeper overseas? This can be a challenge as it’s easy to stay sheltered in a student environment as a visiting foreign national. The natural structure of student’s life lends itself to seeing the same people more often than not.

Learn More and Travel Deeper

Learn More and Travel Deeper

Tips to Learn More While Studying Abroad

At Lado, we try our best to have our students interact with the local community by organizing outings, activities, and events. We know how important it is for students to be exposed to the culture while learning a language. However, we’ve also got some tips for students who’d like to find out the ways they can have a deeper experience overseas.

  1. Join an activity outside of the study abroad program – Take a fun class like yoga or a cooking seminar, join a book club, sign up for MeetUp, join an athletic club of your choice. In American cities there are so many clubs and groups to join based on mutually shared interests. Clubs and programs are a great way to have fun and make American friends. Friends will be easy to make under these conditions.
  2. Volunteer – While visa restrictions may prohibit employment, volunteering for a charity isn’t! Help out and learn even more about your new community. Volunteering is also a free activity unlike taking classes or other activities if budgeting is a restriction.
  3. Attend Events – Read the paper or community calendars to find out about fun local events. Learn what people are interested, have fun, and also possibly make new friends while practicing language skills! Going to a book reading or live music show is also a great way to find out about what is popular or interesting. One of the most fun things to do while studying abroad is to learn about their popular culture.
  4. Consume media and arts – Watch TV, listen to the radio, read magazines or books from your host country. While you may be learning about the history of your host country’s media and arts, current interests will be easier to understand while complimenting your studies. You will learn more while being entertained!

Traveling Deeper is Possible and Fun

We hope this list helps students who’re curious about how they can maximize their learning experience while studying language overseas. While it may seem hard to first truly become part of a foreign community, there are actually many opportunities by which to learn more, make friends, and have fun.

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