LADO Summer Program 2018

LADO 2018 Summer Program

This year, LADO will be offering summer camps for non-F-1 students at our centers in Washington DC and Ohio.

The camp will offer the perfect balance between learning English and enjoying fun summer activities. Students will attend classes Monday to Thursday during the morning time and participate in teacher-led excursions in the afternoon and all day on Fridays. Excursions will include theme parks, guided tours of museums and the Pentagon, visits to monuments and a  day-trip to New York among others (please see brochure to see full time of activities).

The options that we are offering are:

Washington DC

4-week package from June 26th  to July 20th .
Price $ 4,397

  • Last day of class  - Thursday, July 19th
  • Last Field - Friday, July 20th
  • Last day of housing  - Sunday, July 22nd


6-week package from June 26th to August 2nd.
Price $ 5,584.

  • Last day of class and field trip - Thursday August 2nd
  • Last day of housing  - Saturday August 4th

Baldwin Wallace University, Ohio

4-week package from June 25th  to July 24th .
Price $ 3,514

  • Last day of class and field trip July 24th
  • Last day of housing – July 25th

The price includes:

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Airport Service (pick up and drop off)
  • Field trips. (Admission ticket when applies)
  • Housing
    • DC – Shared apartments only 15 minutes from the DC center.
    • Ohio – Residential halls on the university campus
  • Meal Plan
    • DC – Lunch Monday to Thursday; 14 days for the 4 weeks option and 22 days for the 6 weeks option;
    • Ohio – Lunch and Dinner every day


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Thank you for checking our material, we are excited to have you working with us soon. 

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