Where do teachers go when they finish the program?

Roughly two-thirds of our trainees go overseas to teach, and the other third teach in the USA. Many trainees, once they have begun teaching, find it so rewarding that they decide to teach both in the USA and abroad.

How does LADO help with the job search?

All of the LADO teacher trainers have extensive experience teaching EFL/ESL in a wide variety of situations in the USA and in countries around the world. The training staff is in constant communication with international and domestic language schools. During the course and afterwards, we provide personal job search assistance by providing job leads, contacts, school information, and extensive use of our worldwide alumni network to identify teaching opportunities.

The program provides far more than just job leads, however. We thoroughly prepare trainees for all aspects of transitioning to a new job or career. Trainees learn about the interview process– what to say and do and how to say and do it. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers give advice and assistance to help trainees make good choices when they receive job offers. We review employment contracts and job offers and help trainees negotiate the many requirements and need-to-know details of living and working abroad. We teach trainees what to look for in their school search and how to make the most of their first days and weeks on the job and in a new environment.

After you have successfully completed the LADO TEFL Certificate Course, final lesson plan, final test, and submitted a satisfactory toolbox, you will receive:

  1. A TEFL Certificate within 30 days. The Certificate will be accompanied by an in-depth synopsis of your achievements during the course, the course requirements and expectations,
  2. A letter that will give any potential employer or university a deep understanding of the rigorous demands LADO asks of each trainee.

Despite the 30 days you may have to wait for the certificate, you will immediately be able to move forward professionally following the course. At LADO we feel that we are only successful if our trainees are, so we will do anything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

Please note: for trainees taking part in LADO TEFL Scholarship programs through an overseas partner, credentials can be provided for visa purposes after final lessons. **

Work at LADO

One of the great advantages of getting your TEFL certificate from LADO International Institute is the fact that we are a fully operational English language school with 3 campuses in DC, Maryland and Virginia and 1 campus in Ohio . This fact allows TEFL trainees to gain experience teaching students in a “real” school with the opportunity to transition from a TEFL trainee to a LADO instructor.

Nearly a quarter of our current teaching staff and administrative staff have completed our TEFL training program. When searching for new teachers we always look within first. We trust the quality and methodology of our program and continue to have great success stories from our teacher trainees who choose LADO as a career path.

Part-Time position (20 hours per week)
LADO Enterprises, Inc.

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of marketing for LADO’s English Programs, and the TEFL Certificate Program. The Marketing Coordinator’s main responsibility is to lead marketing campaigns to accomplish enrollment goals set forth by the school centers and by the organization.

The Marketing Coordinator reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of LADO Enterprises, Inc.

  • BS/BA degree in marketing or related field
  • Demonstrated analytical and planning skills
  • Two years marketing and sales experience
  • Experience working within an international company or environment
  • Advanced spoken and written English; ability to communicate effectively in both spoken and written form appropriately within a business environment
  • Cultural sensitivity and interpersonal skills
  • Represent LADO Enterprises, Inc. in an appropriate and professional manner
  • Ability to efficiently interface with both technical and non-technical staff and consultants
  • US permanent residency, US citizenship or F1 LADO advanced level student

The Marketing Coordinator will:  

  • Create and implement the LADO marketing plan (including advertising, social media, promotions, promotional materials, sales, and customer service)
  • Supervise employees and consultants assigned for completion of marketing plan implementation
  • Assist the CEO and Academic Dean in new product design and launching, and growth strategies
  • Assist in creating marketing policy and implementation of procedures as necessary
  • Conduct industry and competitive analyses, market research
  • Assess effectiveness of LADO’s current and future marketing projects and practices, and make adjustments as necessary
  • Create and implement the marketing budget
  • Respond LADO social media student questions
  • Assist in development and implementation of company wide customer service training plan
  • Propose and implement business development strategies and processes
  • Assist the CEO with the marketing strategic planning process
  • Create, implement and enforce marketing plan and goals, including google and YouTube advertising, promotions, promotional materials, sales, and customer service
  • Set and enforce standards for corporate communications with students, alumni, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders
  • Manage agent-related processes and conduct recruitment activities through agents
  • Analyze and discuss the monthly enrollment trends with CEO for further marketing opportunities
  • Coordinate LADO newsletter

Starting Compensation: commensurate with qualifications

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to Francisco Barrera, [email protected] by August 16, 2019.

Apply with us:

  • Morning availability (9:00am — 1:55pm)
  • Subs and Tutors (variety of hours)
  • Evening availability (from 6:00pm)
  • Saturday availability (9:00am – 1:30 pm)
  • U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency
  • a Bachelor’s (or higher) degree
  • 6 months of ESL teaching experience *This requirement will be waived after successful completion of the LADO TEFL Certificate course (see below).
  • Has a positive rapport with students
  • Motivates students to make progress
  • Flexibility with and respect for students with a variety of beliefs, needs, and goals
  • Advocates a communicative approach to learning
  • Collaborates well with colleagues & supervisors
  • Interested and active in own professional development
  • Knowledge of (an)other foreign language(s) and experience travelling to/living in other countries is a plus

Be trained by one of the most experienced team

Only at LADO will you experience an invaluable number of practicum hours beyond what other programs offer!

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