According to TESOL, respected certificate programs offer 100 class hours, are at least four weeks long, and have a practical teaching component; six hours of practice teaching is common. By comparison, LADO’s program is 135 hours of training, and our trainees typically do far more than the minimum of six practical teaching hours. The lessons themselves are professionally observed with both written and oral feedback.



At LADO we believe that successful cultivation of teachers should be centered on both theoretical and experiential learning and unlike many programs each of our trainees completes a full 13.5 hours of real teaching experience with real ESL learners. This experience is comprehensively supported and critiqued by our excellent LADO faculty.

We provide our trainees with both written and oral feedback and use video technology in our lesson assessment.

Why is the LADO TEFL Certificate different?

Trainers expect gradual but constant improvement and application of skills and techniques in the classroom.

Assessment of trainee teaching performance is thorough and continuous throughout the course.  Trainers give each trainee ongoing written and oral feedback, coaching, lesson preparation advice and assistance, and other formal and informal assessments.  Feedback focuses on trainees’ efforts to demonstrate mastery of teaching performance benchmarks that are established and studied each week of the course.

In accordance with TESOL standards for professional teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, the LADO TEFL Certificate prepares trainees to achieve three essential competencies by the end of the course:

1) a strong knowledge base of content and strong awareness of learners

2) thorough, effective planning strategies

3) effective practitioner skills and techniques


Program Structure

The lessons our trainees teach are created by the trainees themselves and are not taken from a set plan or book. We learn from the inside out through material development, planning, execution, and assessment on how to be effective teachers.

The LADO TEFL Certificate divides the three competencies into five performance standards:

  1. Expertise and Learner Awareness
  2. Lesson Planning and Materials Development
  3. Highlighting and Explanation of Language
  4. Student-centered Communicative Strategies
  5. Professionalism and Classroom Management

By the end of the course, trainees must demonstrate through their teaching performance that they have acquired the skills and expertise to meet each of the five standards for graduation.

End-of-Course Evaluation

A passing performance is recognized with one of the following three ratings:  satisfactory performance for meeting all program standards, highly successful performance for exceeding standards, and outstanding performance for excellence throughout the program on all standards.

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees receive a detailed evaluation, a recommendation letter, a certificate with the number of hours of practical teaching experience that the trainee gained, and a letter describing the program.  The letter indicates the exceptional, comprehensive standards that the LADO TEFL Certificate requires of its graduates.


Educational programs offered by LADO International Institute based in the United States are validated by the Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

ACCET is the only recognized accrediting agency to be certified in the USA as an ISO 9001-Quality Management System, under the international standards established by the International Organization for Standardization.

For more information about ACCET accreditation, please visit

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