Fun Study Abroad “Souvenirs”

Study abroad souvenirs are a great way to remember your time overseas. On top of kitschy tourist tees, magnets or stuffed animals, we’ve got a fun list of ways to remember your time abroad. Souvenirs aren’t just little trinkets, they’re  memories! Alternative “Souvenirs” from Your Study Abroad Start a blog – A blog is a […]

Safety Tips for Study Abroad Students

Studying abroad in a foreign country is an amazing thing for students to be able to do. However, it’s always best practice to play it safe. We’ve got safety tips for study abroad students so that their time overseas is a good one! Safety Tips While Studying Overseas Have a Copy of Your Passport – […]

How to Learn More and Travel Deeper

How can study abroad students learn more and travel deeper overseas? This can be a challenge as it’s easy to stay sheltered in a student environment as a visiting foreign national. The natural structure of student’s life lends itself to seeing the same people more often than not. Tips to Learn More While Studying Abroad […]

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