How Study Abroad Helps Language Learning

Why is study abroad so effective for students learning a foreign language? Why study abroad helps language learning has been proven and studied by scholars and students alike. Rarely are there professional or personally fluent speakers of a non-native language who have not spent time overseas. There’s a multitude of reasons that study abroad is so integral to any student hoping to seriously study a foreign language for personal, academic or professional purposes. Study abroad provides important experience that cannot be replicated.


Study Abroad Helps with Native Immersion

Students who study abroad will be surrounded by native speakers of the language they are learning. This provides an enriching environment of language and culture that will simultaneously challenge and teach the student their foreign language.

Study Abroad Helps Students Understand Context

Study abroad provides students with so many opportunities to explore the language and native culture of that language so they will learn important nuances to the language. Students will be exposed to the language within the context of culture and therefore acquire a deeper understanding of diction, word choice, and tone.

Study Abroad Helps Personalize Language

Students who study abroad make new friends and meet new people throughout their study overseas. These relationships personalize a language and provide the emotional and social motivation to improve language study and practice.

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