Study abroad souvenirs are a great way to remember your time overseas. On top of kitschy tourist tees, magnets or stuffed animals, we’ve got a fun list of ways to remember your time abroad. Souvenirs aren’t just little trinkets, they’re  memories!

Fun Study Abroad Souvenirs

Alternative “Souvenirs” from Your Study Abroad

  1. Start a blog – A blog is a great way to share your experience and document your time studying abroad. You can help your friends and family stay in touch with all your travels as well. Later, once you have gone home, your blog is a great way to remember your time studying abroad. Not only is a blog a souvenir, it’s an interactive one!
  2. A photo book – Without a doubt you’ll be taking lots of photos while studying abroad. Preserve all your photos in a photo book. There are a ton of great apps which consolidate Instagram photos, smartphone photos and more into a photo book with ease. Flip through your photo book once you’re home is a great way to remember your good times.
  3. Media and reading – Try your best to consume the media and arts of your host country. If there’s a movie, tv show, or even music group you start to like, buy it and bring it home with you. This is a great way to remember your time studying abroad while also continuing to expose yourself to language learning

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