With so many language programs to choose from it may difficult to choose which is best for you. Depending on your budget, lifestyle, and interest there are various language programs to suit your needs. Evaluating a language program starts first with an inquiry of your needs.

Things to Consider in Evaluating a Language Program

First you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How fluent are you already in the foreign language? Where do you need improvement?
  • Why do you want to learn this language? For fun? For professional reasons?
  • What is your availability to take classes? Do you work during the day? Are you a full time student?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is there a certain area of culture you would also like to learn? Literature? History? Sports?

The two main program divisions are for students and working adults. Some language programs are aimed towards working adults. These programs offer night and weekend classes. Other language programs are aimed towards full time students who have the availability to take off a longer length of time and devote themselves to study.

Not all language classes include an education into culture. Some are purely language with occasional cultural references through educational materials. However, many more intensive language programs can include literature and history classes for contextual language education.

What next?

Now that you’ve determined your needs and restrictions, it’s time to settle on the right course for you. We believe that quality of instruction and resources is what creates the optimal learning environment for language.


At Lado, we offer language courses and even professional certification for everyone. We offer night, weekend, accelerated classes and study abroad programs. We know our language and we also know our students!

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